Saturday, October 30, 2010

Argos and Alouettes October 29, 2010

I had the pleasure of watching the Argos v. Alouettes game at the Rogers Centre, where the winning touchdown was scored by Dahrran Diedrick.

This was much to the delight of his supporters who showed up to see him play, including Cole French, yours truly and his son Kenny.

And as well, much to the delight of the Alouette fan contingent from Windsor, Ontario, representing the Bourke's clan.

The Toronto Star's story "Argos cough it up to Als" describes how the Argos were leading by ten (10) point only to see it vanish in the dying moments of the game.

Dahrran came out after the game and was obviously very happy with the win:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Striking Guilty Pleas - R. v. Wright

The dump trucks are now going to have to get written instructions before they plea their clients guilty: In R. v. Wright 2010 CarswellOnt 8108 (Speyer J., October 25, 2010), the Ontario's Superior Court of Justice struck a guilty plea in the basis of the lack of written instructions, the timing of the plea took place at the last minute and the client appeared hesitant to plea: "Very rarely does a good lawyer ever allows a client to plea guilty without having written instructions" Justice Speyer said.

And this ruling makes sense, particularly where a client later alleges that s/he did not understand what the plea was to or the nature and/or consequences of the plea or that s/he was coerced or otherwise pressured to plea.

In light of all of these possible situations, it is preferrable to get instructions in writing. It takes five minutes but saves a lot of private and public costs that ensure when a guilty plea is struct and the matter has to return to the trial process.

This Application was argued by Selwyn Pieters.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to Halloween

October have been quite an interesting month celebrating my Birthday as well as the birthday of other librans. I visited Miami, Fort Myers and Port Charlotte in Florida. I had a wonderful time, except the economic situation in Florida seems grim. In Fort Myers and Port Charlotte there is a high foreclosure rate as well as high unemployment rate. So things are rough for the businesses and ordinary citizenry.

I litigated in Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor including several criminal files and a human rights tribunal matter against Hamilton Health Sciences Centre involving its pharmacy personnel. Within the last week I was successful in two cases that I litigated one was a bail hearing and the other was an aplication to strike a guilty plea. That case of R.v. Mitchell 2010 ONCA 692 is important and was helpful I also managed to settle a major human rights litigation file.

I am also dealing with a case where Toronto Police employees beat my handcuffed client very badly in a clear case of abuse of authority. His wrist is raw from the the beating while handcuffed:

I participated in the democratic process of voting for Mayor, City Councillors and School Board Trustees in the City of Toronto.

I am "buried under" with work, preparing for a preliminary inquiry involving extremely serious criminal matter, it is a Legal Aid file, so I will not be really paid for all the time spent preparing for the case..... but I am grateful!!!!

The Argos are playing the Montreal Alouettes this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing Avon C., DD, KC amongst other Montreal friends.

I am thinking about Halloween and what to wear, that is, if I am dressing up.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Hail to October!!!!!

October is a special month for me, in a little over a week quite a few of us will be one year older: my twin brother Gary; m aunty Yvonne; my cousin Aubrey; my friends Richard Tello; Laurent Kone; Aida Baptiste; Un'Khonde Habamenshi. I almost forgot Sarah Shepherd, who will be turning 9. I feel really fortunate and blessed.

Lat year I actually worked on my Birthday and in fact was in a very contentious hearing. This year I intend to avoid that scenario (work) and to spend my special day nicely.

I have not planned a party or any events. I might though if enough people indicate an interest in having fun.

That's all for now......

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Attended the Retirement Dinner of Deputy Chief of Toronto Police Keith Forde

Back to blogging

I have not been on here since 2006.... I am back. I intend to write substantive posts on issues that I deem to be important in relation to law and the social conditions of humanity. As well, some of my posts will be light, funny and some will be personal. I am happy to back on this site.....