Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to Halloween

October have been quite an interesting month celebrating my Birthday as well as the birthday of other librans. I visited Miami, Fort Myers and Port Charlotte in Florida. I had a wonderful time, except the economic situation in Florida seems grim. In Fort Myers and Port Charlotte there is a high foreclosure rate as well as high unemployment rate. So things are rough for the businesses and ordinary citizenry.

I litigated in Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor including several criminal files and a human rights tribunal matter against Hamilton Health Sciences Centre involving its pharmacy personnel. Within the last week I was successful in two cases that I litigated one was a bail hearing and the other was an aplication to strike a guilty plea. That case of R.v. Mitchell 2010 ONCA 692 is important and was helpful I also managed to settle a major human rights litigation file.

I am also dealing with a case where Toronto Police employees beat my handcuffed client very badly in a clear case of abuse of authority. His wrist is raw from the the beating while handcuffed:

I participated in the democratic process of voting for Mayor, City Councillors and School Board Trustees in the City of Toronto.

I am "buried under" with work, preparing for a preliminary inquiry involving extremely serious criminal matter, it is a Legal Aid file, so I will not be really paid for all the time spent preparing for the case..... but I am grateful!!!!

The Argos are playing the Montreal Alouettes this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing Avon C., DD, KC amongst other Montreal friends.

I am thinking about Halloween and what to wear, that is, if I am dressing up.

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