Saturday, May 11, 2013

Peel Law Association v. Royal Insurance: The Defence Costs of Litigating Racial Profiling of Pieters and Noble

By Selwyn A. Pieters, B.A., LL.B., L.E.C.
Lawyer & Notary Public (Ontario, Canada)
Attorney-at-Law (Republic of Guyana, Island of Trinidad)
Posted on May 11, 2013

My attention was brought to a recent decision in Peel Law Association v. Royal Insurance, 2013 ONSC 2312. This is a case where the insurer refused to indemnify PLA for defence costs involved in the case before the Human Rights Tribunal where Brian Noble and I were racially profiled. The Court wrote that "[5] PLA's defence costs have exceeded $116,889.41." The Tribunal awarded a modest $2000.00 for the finding of discrimination which I have returned to PLA.

The takeaway I see here is that it is certainly in everyone's interest to make their best efforts to settle human rights case given the above and in light of the high cost of the litigation for all parties were this matter to be subjected to a protected hearing on the merits.

For background information:

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Court rules in favour of RSA and broker after liability client demands payment for defence costs;
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Ernest Julius Guiste said...

Not a wise move by any standards. In addition, those costs could not reasonably have been incurred on this claim. Reasonable costs would look like this:

- $7,500 defence at first instance
- $10,000 - Divisional Court - JR
- $15,000 - Court of Appeal


selwyn.pieters said...

A more realistic estimate would look like this:

- $15,500 defence at first instance
- $25,000 - Divisional Court - JR
- $35,000 - Court of Appeal