Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry Report Dumped at AG Chambers

By Julia Johnson
Prime News Inc, Guyana
February 10, 2016

Like thieves in the night the Walter Rodney Commission of inquiry report was handed to the attorney generals office and the commissioners headed by St Richard Cheltenham departed Guyana.
There are confirmed reports that the bound report has since been sent onwards to President David Granger, at his Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, office.

Now the whole issue about running short of ink seems a red herring, and here is why. Government wanted Sir Richard to hand over a copy of the contract he signed, but he said there was none for the over one half billion dollars paid the commission.

The need for a contract arose after sir Richard commission demanded of the government a "writers fee" for the report. This was in addition to the fee that would have had to be paid over for the week and now one week and a half of "work" in Guyana to facilitate the completion of the said report. one would have though that the fee for the compilation of the report would have been covered in the usual fees the commission received.

This government must tell us what and how much was paid to the last dollar for this report. And whether or not the commissioners were paid for the last week of so called work... work that included insulting Guyana's head of state. This was a presidential commission of inquiry!!


For closing arguments, transcripts of proceedings and various important material at the Walter Rodney Inquiry see, Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry - Oral and Written Submissions, August 04, 2015.

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